Galapagos Cruises Tourist Superior Class

In our opinion, the tourist superior class yachts listed on this page provide good standards of operational quality, safety, security, comfort, and guide quality...and a few of these are exceptional and strongly recommended. Most carry only 16 passengers; the Samba and Encantada carry 14 and 12 passengers respectively.

The yachts in this class are generally simple and basic, but all offer hot water and central air conditioning, some with individual cabin controls. Cabins are adequate, but generally small, and nearly all cabins on these yachts have bunk beds. Food and service are generally very good, and nearly all of these yachts meet high standards of safety and dependability. Some operate with high standards of environmental and social responsibility. Professional, experienced crew members and a level II guide with good English skills are typically found on these yachts. All of the yachts we recommend in this category generally provide a great Galapagos experience at a reasonable price.

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Samba Yacht Sm


In overall quality, we feel the Samba is the best in its class. In our opinion, few yachts operating in the Galapagos in any class operate with a superior level of commitment to quality and service as the Samba.

Angelito Yacht Sm

Angelito I

Among the best options in its class, the Angelito I is an excellent yacht with a great reputation and serious operators, offered at a reasonable price.



Known for its distinctive candy apple red color, the Encantada is a 12 passenger yacht offering tourists an intimate experience in the Galapagos.



Family owned and operated, the Floreana maintains a solid reputation with a reasonable price and good itineraries. An excellent economical choice for an great Galapagos experience.

Eden Yacht


An owner operated 16 passenger yacht, spacious and comfortable for its class. Operating very good itineraries, this yacht maintains an excellent reputation for service and quality at a reasonable price.

aida Maria Yacht

Aida María

The Aida Maria yacht is an excellent economical option for your cruise in the Galapagos islands. Family owned and operated, the Aida Maria yacht maintains a good reputation for service and cruise quality at a reasonable price, and offers a variety of itineraries from 4 to 15 days.

Golondrina I

Golondrina I

The Golondrina is an older yacht, and somewhat smaller than many other tourist superior class yachts, but it is well operated and with a solid reputation for service and cruise quality.

Daphne yacht


A very comfortable and spacious tourist superior class 16 passenger yacht with a superb reputation and very comfortable cabins and common areas. Highly recommended.

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