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Napo Wildlife Center - Yasuni National Park

The Napo Wildlife Center supports a unique, 82 square mile private nature reserve within the northern portion of Yasuni National Park. Yasuni is a UNESCO world biosphere reserve, among the most bio-diverse regions on Earth. The Napo Wildlife Center Reserve and lodge were created, built and are owned by the local Kichwa community of Añangu. Located on the south bank of the Napo river, the lodge offers the chance to see parrot clay licks, giant otters, eleven primate species, and 568 identified species of birds making it perhaps the finest destination for wildlife observation in Ecuador's Amazon region.

The lodge is perhaps the most luxurious in the Amazon region, offering hot water, 24 hour electricity (hybrid solar and high efficiency generators), private porches overlooking the lake, ceiling fans and screens for a bug free stay, a 120 foot observation tower and covered dining area overlooking the lake with an adjacent 50 foot observation tower.

Facilities include 16 luxury cabins, each with one king and one twin bed, a large dining hall with bar and library. Rooms are over 450 square feet, bathrooms offer hot water showers. Wastewater is treated through a wetlands system, and filtered drinking water is provided for you to refill your water bottles. Internet service is available at additional cost.

Tours are available for 4 days/3 nights or for 5 days/4 nights; extended stays and specialized tours available on request.

  • Classification: First Class
  • Ownership and Operation: Community owned and operated
  • Departure days: Friday (4 days), Monday (5 days). Other entry and departure days possible except Sundays; additional cost for canoe transportation may apply.
  • Departure City: Coca
  • Accommodations: 16 private cabins designed for double or triple occupancy
  • Electricity: Hybrid solar and ultra-quiet, high efficiency generators. Available 24 hours.
  • Features: Bar, lounge, dining area, observation towers, laundry service, internet available
  • Activities offered: Birdwatching (observation towers) including a parrot clay lick, hiking, canoeing, fishing, night hikes and caiman watching, community visit


Itineraries listed below are subject to changes, but are presented to give an overview of the activities you can expect during your stay at the lodge.

Example 4 day Itinerary


After arriving to the Coca airport, a short 5 minute drive to the port in the Napo River will take you onto a comfortable covered motor boat. Here we start a canoe ride along the Napo river for about 2 hours approx, lunch box in route. Along the way birds like herons, kingfishers and others can be spotted. After arriving at NWC’s entry dock we disembark for restroom then take a majestic and peaceful 1 to 2 hours dugout canoe ride surrounded by trees overhead, paddling along a narrow creek that connects to the lake where the lodge is located. Good possibilities of monkey sights of various species as well as large birds like toucans, parrots or even macaws. Late afternoon arrival to the NWC lodge by the overwhelming view of the Añangu lake, welcome drink and facilities. After dinner optional cayman (alligator) observation around the lake and natural sounds at night.


Early wake up to reach the best and easy access parrot clay licks in Ecuador, about 1 hour away from the lodge, guests reach there just before parrot activity kicks off at the clay lick between 7:30 to 8:30. A total of 11 species of parrots, parakeets and macaws can be seen. A visit that depends on weather conditions, but usually successful. Later, hike along forest trail to visit to the Kichwa community of Añangu and sharing time with a family on their activities. Return to the creek and hike through a Terra Firme Forest for about 30 minutes until we arrive to the second parrot clay lick where if the weather conditions help will be able to find different species of parrots, parakeets and even macaws. Lunch box served at the parrot clay lick observatory. Late afternoon arrival to the lodge.


After breakfast at the welcome area, you’ll visit the Kichwa Community of Añangu. Here you’ll be able to spend some time with the local people and learn about their culture and way of life. Then, walk along the path next to the Napo River, in a new excursion in the Amazon. You’ll have the chance to spot various species, including the pigmy marmoset. Plus, you’re guide will show you different species of plants and will explain their use in ancestral medicine. At the Community, you’ll visit the local school and the communal areas. You’ll learn how our Community has developed during the past years, improving education and health. You’ll also have the chance to see one of the houses and share experiences with an Añangu family. After lunch (brought from the hotel), you’ll walk on a new trail starting at the Community that leads to the Añangu lagoon. During this walk you’ll get to know more about the flora of the zone, which is not only used for medicine but also for daily living. Arrive at the hotel late in the afternoon, for a well deserved rest and dinner.


Early departure and last excursion canoeing back to the Napo river, the creek may reveal new sights of Giant otters, Monk Saki monkeys or many other rare birds. Arrival to docking area, and embark in a motorized canoe to return to Coca, about 2 hours upriver from the lodge. Check in for Coca – Quito flight, return to Quito.

Example 5 day Itinerary


After arriving to the Coca airport, a short 5 minute drive to the port in the Napo River will take you onto a comfortable covered motor boat. Here we start a boat ride along the Napo for approximately 2 hours. Some aquatic birds can be spotted on the way. After arriving at Napo Wildlife Center’s welcoming area, we take a magical and peaceful 1 hour dugout-canoe along a narrow creek that connects to the lake
where the lodge is located. Great chances to spot wildlife, various species of monkeys as well as large birds like toucans, parrots or even macaws. Late afternoon arrival at the lodge. After dinner a short introductory walk and cayman observation in a paddle canoe are the last activities before a well deserved rest.


After a buffet breakfast, experience the life above the forest floor visiting the 36-meter canopy tower. This tower is located about 20 minutes from the lodge deep within the forest. Get a very good sample of the 567 species recorded so far, with a close look at colorful tanagers, macaws, toucans, flycatchers and even Spider or Howler Monkeys feeding themselves on the nearby trees. The canopy tower opens a whole new world to the guests of the Napo Wildlife Center. Return to the lodge for a typical Ecuadorian lunch. After lunch there are many options to choose from before you start the afternoon activity: swim in the lake with your guides, climb the dinning room tree tower for more birds, or just relax in your hammock. In the afternoon, hike through a marvelous terra- firme forest to discover the ecology and the role of plants in the complex world of the Tropical Rain-Forest: vines, ancient trees, bromeliads, orchids stand out in this impressive natural garden. After the hike, explore the surrounding creeks with possibilities of running into a Giant otter family. Dinner at 7:30pm.


This morning we visit the best parrot clay licks in Ecuador!!! Early start and paddle downstream on the Añangu creek as far as the welcome area. Then, take the motor boat for a 10 minute ride for a wonderful view of thousands of parrots such as Amazon-Mealy, blue-headed, orange –cheek, among others, landing on the earth to eat the clay. Later, back to the welcome area and a short hike to the parakeets’ clay lick, where hundreds of cobalt-winged parakeets remain on the top of the trees searching for the best time to eat the salts, chemicals and minerals contained in the organic matter. Lunch in the welcome area. In the afternoon, visit the interpretation area to see the traditions of the ancestral Kichwa community of Añangu and share a traditional ceremony with the shaman. Back to the lodge late in the afternoon where you’ll be welcomed back with a refreshing fresh juice. Dinner at 7:30pm.


This morning we hike along the Tiputini trail and its terra-firma forests and swamp forests, searching for more wildlife such as Golden-Mantled Tamarins, White-Faced capuchin monkey, two and three toed sloths, pigmy squirrels, carnivores and their tracks on the forest floor. Back to the lodge for lunch and a well deserved rest. In the afternoon paddle canoes will take you to explore deeper areas in the surrounding creeks with more possibilities of seeing unique wildlife. After dinner a video about the community and Napo Wildlife Center will be shared with you.


Early breakfast, and last excursion canoeing back to the Napo river, the creek may reveal new sights of Giant otters, Monk Saki monkeys, hoatzins, blackcapped donacobius or other birds. The motorized canoe will return you back to Coca for the flight back to Quito.



2017-18 Rates:


  • 5 days: $1690 USD per adult, double occupancy
  • 4 days: $1417 USD per adult, double occupancy


  • 5 days: $1979 USD per adult
  • 4 days: $1638 USD per adult

Notes: PRICES INCLUDE FLIGHTS QUITO-COCA-QUITO. Children under 5 stay free in the same cabin with parents (flight ticket not included), under 12 receive a 30% discount. Private guide recommended for families with small children; additional cost applies. 6, 7 and 8 day tours available; please contact us for pricing.

Tour Includes:

  • Airfare Quito - Coca - Quito
  • Accommodations and 3 meals per day
  • Native guide and bilingual guide
  • Rubber boots for the hikes and walks
  • Excursions
  • Transportation between Coca and the lodge

Tour Excludes:

  • Optional extra activities or private guide
  • Bar tab, extra snacks or drinks
  • Expenses in Coca before or after the tour
  • Tips and personal expenses



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