Accessible Jungle Lodges


These lodges are closer to Quito or other cities than the deep jungle lodges, some only requiring 3 to 4 hours of travel time from Quito, making them ideal for shorter stays. Most are located in the area around Tena or Misahuallí, and most are located along the Napo or another river. Some are in the area around Puyo, very close to Baños. While there is less diversity of wildlife to be observed in these areas, these lodges offer a tranquil retreat in beautiful forests and a taste of traditional Amazon culture. Most are excellent options for families. Hikes through jungle and visits to waterfalls, swims in clean rivers, cultural activities and more are typical activities offered by these lodges, and for those lodges close to Tena, rafting trips can also be included in your visit.

We work with several lodges in this category, but those below offer what we feel is the best combination of natural beauty, varied and impressive activities, tranquil settings and reasonable prices. Most are small and offer quality, personal service.

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Hakuna Matata Lodge

Hakuna Matata Lodge - Tena region

Hakuna Matata is an excellent option for an Amazon visit, easily reached from Quito. Located in the foothills above Tena, the lodge is surrounded by primary and secondary forests and offers a variety of hikes and adventure or cultural activities.

Huasquila Lodge

Huasquila Lodge - Tena region

Huasquila Lodge was constructed on the grounds of a former hacienda, but is now surrounded by beautiful landscaped grounds and secondary forests, with hikes through primary rain forests. Close to Quito, the lodge offers an excellent variety of options for its guests, from rafting and birdwatching to hikes and cultural community visits. Wheelchair accessible.

Anaconda Lodge

Anaconda Lodge - Tena region

Anaconda was the first lodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon, recently rebuilt and restored by new owners. A short distance from Tena and accessed by a short canoe trip, this lodge is located along the Napo river in a beautiful, tranquil location. Activities include jungle hikes through primary forests and cultural experiences with local families. Excellent food and service, highly recommended.

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