Galapagos Yacht Cruises

For your visit to the Galapagos islands, we feel a cruise is the best option to make the most of your stay. Cruises generally visit the more remote and most pristine islands, places which land based tours cannot visit, making for a truly unforgettable experience in the islands. Eos Ecuador offers those yachts we feel offer the best value in their categories, taking into account reputation, service and guide quality, itineraries, maintenance, and environmental and social responsibility. Most of the yachts we sell carry 16 passengers or fewer; we suggest yachts of this size for a more intimate and personal experience in the islands.

All yachts are classified according to quality and comfort; the most basic are tourist class (which we do not recommend); the next level is tourist superior, then first class, then luxury. We classify yachts based on the classification given by the operators; there is often a significant difference between yachts in the same class, but we are happy to answer any specific questions about any yacht. Prices vary greatly both between classes and within classes, and can depend on the specific date you wish to travel; promotions often exist for specific dates on specific yachts.

Most cruises visit two locations per day (except the first and last days) with various visits and activities at each site, typically including hikes and chances to swim and snorkel each day. Other activities are also included on many cruises, such as visits to interpretation centers and other key sities on land and on some yachts chances to kayak. All cruises include nearly everything during your tour: food, activities, guide, and internal transportation. The only additional costs are for snorkeling equipment (included on some tours), wetsuit rental if desired, sodas and alcoholic beverages, tips, and of course your flights to and from the Galapagos Islands, National Park entry fees and your INGALA migration card.

Samba Yacht Sm

Tourist Superior Class Yacht Cruises

Although simple and basic, these yachts provide good standards of operational quality, safety, security, comfort, and guide quality...and a few of these are exceptional and strongly recommended for those who do not require luxury. Economically priced options for a great experience in the Galapagos islands.

Mary Anne

First Class Yacht Cruises

The First Class yachts we sell can all be counted on to offer a quality, comfortable experience in the Galapagos Islands. Larger and more spacious than tourist superior class yachts, all of these yacts offer professional, experienced guides along with comfortable cabins and common areas, excellent food, and top quality service.

Athala Catamaran Galapagos

Luxury Class Yacht Cruises

For those who are looking for the ultimate in creature comforts and service on their Galapagos cruise, the yachts on this page live up to the highest of expectations. Spacious cabins, view windows, jacuzzi, balconies and a number of other luxury touches including room amenities and top quality gourmet dining are typical in this category.

Live Aboard Diving Cruises

Live Aboard Diving Cruises

Eight day cruises on board specially equipped yachts designed specifically for diving. Visits include some of the best diving sites in the Galapagos with multiple immersions nearly every day, including visits to the islands of Wolf and Darwin, considered among the best diving sites in the world.

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