Mission and Vision

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Eos Ecuador is committed to practicing and promoting responsible tourism, not just in words but in practice, and operating in a fair, just and ethical manner in everything we do. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the best, most memorable experience possible while giving something back to the remarkable people and communities of Ecuador.


  • To develop into the most reputable and responsible international tourism operator in Ecuador through continually practicing and strengthening our values relating to environmental protection, respect for the Ecuadorian people and culture, and operating in a fair, just and ethical manner in everything we do.
  • To offer only those tourism products meeting a high standard of environmental and social responsibility, integrity in operations, and quality of service.
  • To direct a portion of our profits to financially support sustainable development work and environmental protection projects throughout Ecuador.
  • Finally, by adhering to these principles, to provide all of our clients with with the best, most memorable experience possible while giving something back to the remarkable people and communities of Ecuador.


  • INTEGRITY: Operating with rock-solid moral, ethical and legal standards, including our client relations, internal operations and employees, provider relationships and relations with the people and communities who partner with us.
  • RESPECT: Unfailing respect for all people, including clients, employees, operators, and communities; and a respect for the culture, traditions and dignity of all peoples of this diverse country.
  • ENVIRONMENT: A commitment to environmental responsibility in everything we do and minimizing the environmental impacts of tourism in everything we sell.
  • COMMUNICATION: Openness and honesty in all of our communication, from the sales process to all of our internal and external communications.
  • QUALITY: Quality in everything we do and everyone we employ.
  • TEAMWORK: Respecting and soliciting the contributions and ideas of others.
  • EQUITY: A firm commitment to sharing our profits with our dedicated employees and with effective organizations dedicated to sustainable development and improving the quality of life for Ecuadorians.
  • LIVING OUR VALUES: More than just a list of values, we commit to living the above values every day.


  • Offering part of our profits to help finance sustainable development work in Ecuador and investing directly in promoting and developing community tourism options.
  • Creating a work environment for our employees unsurpassed by any other travel agency in Ecuador.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact and energy use of our offices and operations through energy efficient computers, equipment, and lighting and recycling where possible.
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of our tourism providers by encouraging them to adopt more ecologically sound practices, and by promoting those providers who operate in a socially and ecologically sound manner.
  • Continually searching for new communities and new places where tourism is appropriate, and working with the local people to develop a responsible and appropriate form of tourism.
  • Working closely with our partner communities to help them develop best practices to protect the environment while improving their long term quality of life.
  • Managing community tourism in such a way that the benefits are spread as evenly as possible to all members of the communities.
  • Expanding the range of tourism options in Ecuador.
  • Carefully selecting and monitoring the products and operators we sell based on their level of ecological and social responsibility and integrity of operations, as well as product quality.
  • Seeking out small, Ecuadorian owned companies and tour operators to partner with.
  • Fair and reasonable prices for our clients; fair and reasonable payments to our providers.
  • 100% client satisfaction with our services and our products.
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