About Eos Ecuador

Eos Ecuador was founded in 2008 with the objective of being the most responsible travel agency operating in Ecuador. For us, the word “responsible” means many things. It means offering exceptional service to our clients, and offering only quality products that meet high standards not only in client service, but also in environmental consciousness and integrity and honesty in operations. It means seeking out smaller, highly responsible operators...those who operate legally and demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental protection and social justice. It means offering fair pricing on everything we sell. It means operating with integrity in everything we do. It also means giving something back to the people of Ecuador; in this respect, we have committed to donate a portion of any profits we earn to sustainable development projects in Ecuador.

At Eos, we are working to develop new options for tourism in Ecuador apart from the typical agency offerings. From community based tourism to adventure tourism, Ecuador has much to offer, and Eos will be continually seeking out the best of these destinations to offer to our clients.

Additionally, as part of our commitment to responsibility, we will set aside part of our profits into a fund to support sustainable development projects in Ecuador. When this fund reaches a certain level, we will hold a request for proposals, and will determine which projects will receive funding from our agency. This process will be detailed in a special section of our webpage which will contain information about the projects we have helped to fund and our contributions to the people and communities of Ecuador.

We hope you find our website informative and helpful in planning your trip. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. We greatly appreciate your interest in our agency.

The People of Eos Ecuador

People are the most important part of any business. At Eos, our founders and employees all share a committment to top quality service and social and environmental justice, along with a love for travel, exploration, and new experiences.

Our Mission and Vision

Eos Ecuador is committed to practicing and promoting responsible tourism, not just in words but in practice, and operating in a fair, just and ethical manner in everything we do. We are dedicated to provide our clients with the best, most memorable experience possible while giving something back to the remarkable people and communities of Ecuador.

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